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Unique exotic of the "Gap" Cafe.

 Today many food service establishments can call attention to clients cozy interiors, pleasant music, a high level of client servicing.

However, really, just specific cuisine and cooks’ high art of cookery create a unique atmosphere and give a desire to come back in this cafe or restaurant now and again. Today it is difficult to surprise exacting public with wide assortment of dishes and beverages - exclusive author's or exotic cuisines which cannot be copied owing to their special compounding and culinary secrets of their creators are in special demand.

Only in the "Gap" cafe located in 1, Ispanskaya Street, you can taste a unique dish made from a snake which has both delicate taste and medicinal effect.
The custom-made dish for 4-6 persons includes the following products:

  1. Lebetina viper
  2. Two hedgehogs
  3. Two quails
  4. Mutton, 600 g.
  5. Onions, carrots
  6. Spices: balsam "Golden Star", basil, ginger, bay leaves, saffron, salt.

Medicinal effect of the dish consists in increase of immunity and man’s power (potency), protection against colds, insomnia, gastrointestinal, liver, kidney diseases, injuries of central nervous system. The dish gives a vigour to 72 man’s joints.
The bill is 58000 sum – however, your health is worth the effect! Besides the medicinal specialty of the house you can hold solemn actions, anniversaries, birthdays. Rest in the "Gap" café will remain unforgettable for you, and you will want to become its regular visitor.

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