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About the project

About the project is an information portal about the country restaurant life.
In fact it is a map of the hospitality industry of the whole country where restaurants, café, coffee-houses, bars, clubs, pubs, pizzerias were located.
Number of food service establishments placed in the map is about 300 and it increases day by day. It is no wonder that a problem to choose a suitable place for qualitative business lunch, romantic supper or leisurely Sunday dinner is rather actually. Simple calculation shows that it will take a man about a year to visit all the restaurants and café mentioned in the site, one of them a day. And there are lots of them in our capital! To help you in your search the site was created.
There is the most actual information in the site that will be interesting both for professionals of the industry and those persons who can appreciate the taste of life: news of restaurant and club life, novelties and actions of restaurants. We have collected the information about restaurants and restaurateurs, head-cooks, confectioners, barmen which cook and serve customers.  You can study menu and wine cart beforehand to not to stay hungry or disappointed. Constantly updating news line and publications in the site will help you to be well informed of the restaurant life news, culinary community of Uzbekistan and the whole world as well as new culinary tendencies. Every day the restaurant catalogue is supplemented with new establishments. It is very easy to find necessary restaurant by alphabet, district or cuisine specialization. The Restaurants section will help you to choose suitable place to holding banquets or quiet family supper and the most popular establishments will certainly appear in the field of your view.
There is the following information about each restaurant: name, cuisine, working time, address, telephone. The information about food service establishments is constantly updated. It should be noticed that life is constantly changing in our big city. And not all of the restaurants may become time keepers. Following by their fickle visitors they change cuisine, interior, location, working time from summer to winter. We shall help you to keep an eye on all the changes!
In the Cookery  section we have collected the most interesting recipes from best cooks of famous restaurants also articles about cuisines of the nations of the world. contains uniform search system that includes the following sections:
 Restaurants – information about food service establishments: restaurants, café, bars, clubs.
 Catering – an actual information about food service establishments and companies providing away service.
Food delivery  - list of establishments taking orders for food delivery to the house ant office.
Everything for restaurants – information about best companies, suppliers of goods and service providers in the restaurant business field.
 Announcements – positioning of market news, private announcement, vacancies and searching for a job.
Positioning of information in the site –  for those persons who has not placed any information about their food service establishments in the site . We are ready to consider all your proposals and always open to cooperation.
We propose owners of restaurants, café, bars and clubs of the capital to become the project participants!
Apply for cooperation proposals:
Telephone: 8 (998 71) 237-51-36, fax 8 (998 71)237-51-24; e-mail:
Address: 10A, Kh. Alimzhan Square, Tashkent


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