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Dear Ladies and gentlemen,


Dear Ladies and gentlemen,
"Bar Trest Service" Ltd at a support of Association of Barmen and Chamber of Trading and Industry of Uzbekistan invites you to take part at the International specialized exhibition "HoReCa 2008" in a sphere of hotel and restaurant business. The exhibition will be held from October, 08 till October, 10th, 2008 in "Dedeman Silk Road Tashkent" exhibition space in Uzbekistan.
Representatives from more than 100 firms and companies including international companies with world brands that work in hotel and restaurant business will take part in the exhibition work.

The exhibition is directed at development of the dynamic promising segment of the market in Uzbekistan.
The following themes will be presented at the exhibition:

- development of HoReCa  in Uzbekistan;
- use of modern equipment, IT technologies in the hotel and restaurant business;
- training and qualitative service organization;
- coffee business development  and coffee consumption culture;
- premium class tea at hotels, restaurants, café;
- tableware and appropriate accessories;
- acquaintance with new brands.

Within the bounds of exhibition work at the sponsor support a contest for "the Best stand", "the Best service table" also "the Best Barist" will take place.
You have a possibility to take part at the exhibition with your production and offers.
General sponsors of the exhibition are:


Please report us about your intention to take part at the exhibition work.
Phone: (998 71) 237-11-62; 237-12-75Fax: (998 71) 237-22-00

Conditions of participation at the exhibition will additionally be sent to you when you confirm your participation.
The offer is valid till 01.09.2008.

With best regards and hope of mutually advantageous cooperation,

"Bar Trest Service" Head____________________________ Mirmuminov D.M.


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