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“Ariston Park” invites…

 Would you like to find yourself at real medieval castle and meet Quixote fighting with windmill also to try refined dishes of European cuisine staying in megalopolis at the same time? Today it is more than possible together with the “Ariston Park” restaurant. Little corner of the Middle Age will easily be found at the former Mirzo Ulugbek Park. Medieval restraint and home warmth combine with the restaurant interior wonderfully. Would you like a wave of impression to cover you from top to toe? Then you are on the right track. When you leave your things at the cloakroom, take notice of checks. You are right, they are real kegs! Do not worry about your thing safety - faithful wooden bulldog chained up at the cloakroom will keep an eye on them. You will find a lot of unusual items at the castle restaurant interior. Pig-irons sedately hang down over the bar, purple curtains (royal clothes colour) with golden tassels, kerosene lamps… Your staying here will fan the fireplace with its heat. And the most interesting things are numerous wheels. They have been brought from different kishlaks and auls. It is real piece of the East in medieval Europe. All restaurant furniture is handmade. Big summer terrace for 150 seats is opened in summer. Here you can enjoy with the wonderful view of the park. Children’s holidays are popular at the place. In an atmosphere of sunlight and high class service you will feel yourself like a real Knight and Fine Lady. The  restaurant menu includes European dishes in rather wide assortment, and every visitor will find something especially attractive for himself. “Ariston Park” does not forget about vegetarians and strong diet keepers. Dietary menu is on the special place. Steam dishes cooked at the restaurant are ready to compete with the richest in calories food in their taste. Cooks preserve not only all the most useful but the tastiest in foodstuffs. For ones who like sweets is special menu with plenty of new deserts with exotic names. You can find a wide assortment of alcoholic drinks, coffee and cigarettes in the main restaurant menu. Are you going to have a celebration, romantic supper, business lunch? “Ariston Park” is an ideal place for your holiday. Visit this wonderful restaurant and it will be your favourite place. For every celebration there is congratulation from the restaurant as souvenirs and presents.
Extracts from menu:
First courses
Quenelle de volaille with leek and trickled pastries
Moroccan soup “Kharira” (chicken fillet, lentil, pepper, carrots, potato, greens)
Wide choice of cream-soups
“Old Mill”, “Palermo”

Second hot courses
Beef on vegetable cushion
Pike perch as in Yaroslavl

“Valdorff”, Rum pears

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