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R-Keeper: what is it?

 Integrated software to automation of restaurant business: truth and inventions
At present time more than 10000 users from Russia and near abroad countries work with the R-Keeper restaurant business automation system. Its interface and functionality are well known among the majority of representatives of restaurant business of all ranges: waiters, cashiers, accountants and managers. In fact "R-Keeper" has already become as a standard to Russian food service institutions and new ones use an experience accumulated by other victuallers to not to train a personnel for another system.
Real as life
But restaurant managers choose R-Keeper not only under a habit but guiding by considerations "I want to have it too". From the beginning 1990s when first R-Keeper software versions were developed and introduced the "UCS" Company, the system developer considers real users' opinions. The software is constantly being updated, changed and complemented with new functions according to company owner's requests. The "Rosinter" Corporation had played a very important role in system discovering. The corporation automatized with the help of the system many restaurants more than 10 years ago. As a result R-Keeper developed together with its users caused a backflash into a powerful company and now it is adjusted to requirements of Russian food service institutions of different range from a corporate canteen and small caf? to a big restaurant and fast food enterprises.
At present time any user of R-Keeper can only formulate a clear demand and give a task to the system developers to have a necessary new function as a toll-free support. But you will have to try to find this task as the system functional possibilities are special adapted to detailed accounting of the restaurant business.
What is it
When we speak about comprehensive automation of an enterprise it should be meant a system or soft-hardware complex not a software. It is more profitable to buy instead of separated software a complete set of software also computer and trade equipment composed according to owner's requirements. The equipment and software are installed and debugged at one scoop; as a result an enterprise is automatized turnkey. After the introduction it can be opened to get going.
At the beginning of the project our specialists consult to choose necessary software and equipment. At first a definite configuration is composed then we deliver hard- and software and after that we realize the maintenance service.
Magic tablecloth
One of the most attractive traits of R-Keeper to an owner of a restaurant or a caf? is easy of installation and updating.  As automatizators we can say we do not like projects demanding deployment of a system a night before opening of a restaurant or a bar. But if it is occurred we are able to realize even such projects.
For several hours we can supply, assemble and debug the system turnkey. But such emergency occurrences are rare, as a rule, customers address to the company beforehand (3-4 days prior to opening). In contrast to other systems existing in the market R-Keeper does not demand long-term debugging, adjustment and testing.
The system can be modified and complemented with new equipment and software functions when you will need to open a summer platform or to organize the accounting of drinks.
If you plan everything beforehand, for example two months before and do not forget about automation you can be in time even to train your personnel by the restaurant opening moment.
Four within one
The software part of the R-Keeper system in users' eyes is several separate programs to main persons involved into typical food service institution. Modules "Waiter", "Barmen", "Cashier" and "Manager" are meant for certain authorities and plan performing regulated operations, such as formation of an order, input of a menu, paying in cash-register, audit etc. Registration and recognition of an employee realize by means of personal magnetic cards. Each act demands authorization.
The "Waiter" module is installed on waiter terminal (or palmtop used as worksheet). It serves to ordering and sending an order to the kitchen, to preliminary bill printing, to food and drink cancellation (when a manager gives appropriate authorities) and supplement ordering etc. The sequence of waiter actions is built into the system in such way to prevent fraud cases with bills, tables or dish cancellations. A waiter has a right to open a table only addressed to him that excludes appearance of any accidental errors.
A cashier records barmen and waiters at the beginning of a working day and pays their bills. He got client money from a waiter and punches a fiscal check. A cashier chooses a manner of an order payment (cash, credit cards or other payment type) or combines several types of payments. An order will be hanging within the system and a working day can not be closed till a check to be punched. At the moment of operation completion products used up for cooking according to calculating chart are automatically written off a storerooms.
A barman serving visitors works as a waiter and a cashier. He works with order terminal and cash register and has a right to close an account. A barman is differed from a cashier in his authority to work only with his account full account chart is not available for him.
There are different managers depending on their authority: a hall manager, an office manager and an administrator at restaurants. They use the same module but have different access levels. An administrator has the widest authority his role is usually played by a restaurant owner or executive manager. He controls all restaurant work and can change any parameters of the system as well as delegate a part of his responsibility to subordinate managers.

Filling in and change all working restaurant lists (menu, personnel list etc), performing denials, closing of cash day and getting daily report are their duties.
A detailed description of the possibilities of a manager of the R-Keeper system is included into "Manager's Manual" consisting of 500 pages where the regulations on operation with the complex to make the most out of its functionality are demonstrated
Be careful: thieves!
In spite of utility of the automation system to regulate accounting and speed up the restaurant service its main task is fight against stealing and abuses of a personnel. It is a main problem of business owners. It is absolutely impossible to reduce the problem to zero but it is real to turn 40 - 50 % of losses into 10 %. Schemes of a work for personnel are defined so fixed that to cheat complicated arrangements and a lot of manipulations also accountings will have to be done. Shady connections can be tracked in the system reports. For example an administrator can see that somebody of hall managers or waiters often enter a refusal in a pair. Combination of the following measures: detailed sequence of acts and report system will safe an income of owners from many encroachments.
 Justice will be found
The reports of the system are sufficient and even (according to the practice) surplus for typical restaurants and caf?. They provide information on different access level to managers, accountants and leaders. With the help of the reports conclusions about receipts (total, daily, by hour, tables, waiters, dishes, and dish types) and selling can be done; using of bonuses and discounts can be seen. Also you can revise refusals and make sure that there was nothing suspicious during a day. Advanced administrators can use the advantages of OLAP system.
Having learnt to dispose of the information, it is possible to lead with an establishment with great success. However, reports in all their variety do not cancel necessity to think and conclude. Their mission is only data collecting and displaying in viewable form. Any necessary report format absent in the R-Keeper system can be developed in accordance with your desire. It takes you only to report about it to developers and describe a task definitely.
To be well informed
Besides daily reports after closing time a work of restaurants can be checked in real-time operation mode. For this purpose a short application "Monitor" is plugged in the basis system. Using this application information about lists of orders and checks on a current situation (with the possibility of any point viewing) also balance on paid and unclosed sets. It is very nice to use the application being at home (remote access via Internet is very good decision for an owner controlling restaurant work from country house, other city or even foreign country). You only should press the key of information updating and another check is closed, proceeds are increased. With every keystroke addition to a total sum occurred. Good result!
Reliability and Co
At last "R-Keeper" is famous for its reliability. There are few advantages in sophisticated system if its stability gives rise to doubts. The restaurant business does not bear downtime that is why the system must be stable to soft faults. It must not hang and lose data. There are several levels of protection in R-Keeper that guarantees the data safety. The software is tolerant to user errors due to any accidental actions. To considerable degree contentment with the system operation depends on reliability, uninterrupted operation guarantee.
Some words about our system
Also system operation depends on efficiency of the company introduced your system to support feedback. We attract clients with round the clock servicing, providing system maintenance. Clients entered into a service contract have a priority. Any problems we settle during 4 hours.

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