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Welcome to


We have an honour to invite you to make fascinating travel through time and space about CARAVAN GROUP restaurant network.

To create a conceptual institution, it is necessary to take an idea for a basis and embody it, strictly following laws of a picture of that microcosm which you want to recreate. But an obligatory condition is all-absorbing love to the business you create. Thanks to all the factors we have realized different projects with great success. All of them are joined with steady following the selected idea.

Our visitors are gourmets-aesthetes, it is very important for them not only taste of dishes and aroma of drinks, but also institution surroundings, its unique atmosphere which is created by smallest details of an interior, music, food.


You will feel generous hospitality of an Uzbek house at CARAVAN, where each detail of the interior is a real work of art. The spirit of the East lives at the CARAVAN restaurant. You can take pleasure in contemplation of works of art and taste of dishes of all regions of Uzbekistan.
The next unit of CARAVAN GROUP is British Pub CHELSEA, where you will be offered taste, colour and aroma of English life. The atmosphere of the pub is run through with British romanticism and mixture of traditions and innovations incompatible at first sight was embodied in special cozy conditions of the pub.

The unprecedented project is the VEGETABLE BOUTIQUE, at your service from 9.00 till 4.00. Only here in the small hours it can be bought the freshest vegetables and fruit. VEGETABLE BOUTIQUE is the ideal variant of orient market which has kept its best traits namely pure ecological products which have been grown in private farms, wide assortment of flavoured spices, perfect cereals and beans, exotic fruit; and, of course, cleanliness, a coziness and suitable order for perfect Grocery’s.


If you want to take pleasure in a cappella, drink a real Caucasian toast, enjoy with glass of good wine, taste khachapuri only you step over Pirosmany’s threshold and you will find yourself in Georgia. You and your friends are always waited. Here, among the great Niko Pirosmany’s canvases you will fall in love with Georgia for ever.

The kingdom of subtle humour, jokes, waits for you in ODESSA HISTORIES. Nostalgia is not an illness now and it can be cured by music from favourite Soviet films. The international menu namely the best dishes of Jewish, Ukrainian and Russian cuisine are for your service. And take names of the dishes! Your ear and subtle humour will be satisfied completely! In few places mixture of cultures of the three great peoples was embodied so bright!

Of course, you will like PARK and will come back here again and again. As it is necessary to a park the main interior component is real trees and flowers. Glass dome of eight metres is over a head, background Eric Clapton’s singing, all atmosphere is saturated with love, romanticism and happiness.  Every evening it can be told fortunes by coffee grounds, read poems. You can always see natural flowers in the little shop attached to the restaurant and in the morning refined breakfast and coffee prepared specially for you is waited for. Unfortunately it is impossible to stay here to live but it would be so desirable, as PARK works round the clock.


At last, some exotic: the IZUMI restaurant or a piece of Japan in Uzbekistan. IZUMI is an exact following to laws of the Japanese architecture, design, interior and cookery. All features of the Country of the Rising Sun are observed to the smallest details, and even the Japanese garden of stones is created by the best landscape architect KOZO IWATENI, the author of the garden in the Japanese emperor palace.
Welcome to unforgettable gastronomic travel!

Some words about the Association of Restaurateurs of Uzbekistan.

The fact of participation of the CARAVAN GROUP restaurant network in Association of Restaurateurs of Uzbekistan promotes irreproachable quality of work and the highest level of service.
Association of Restaurateurs of Uzbekistan supports the projects entering into its structure. It is expressed in assistance to the decision of business management problems, jurisprudence, consulting. Besides, the Association of Restaurateurs promotes problems on building, design of restaurants, supports in PR and promotion.





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