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Ye Olde Chelsea Arms - Common information

Pub, Restaurant - bar
Yakkasaray d-t
252-34-34, 150-99-89
25, A. Kakhar Street, Tashkent
Embassy of Israel
from 15.00 till 5.00
Background, DJ, Live
English cuisine, European cuisine
Asaka bank, National bank, Visa
Banquets, Business meetings, Corporate parties, Late supper, Meeting with friends, Romantic appointments, Visitors of the capital
хропщлнвбрзвбзбьзн, бзбьщнщсбнщзнс
Beer on Tap, Brazier, Catering, Cocktails, Desserts and cakes, Fish menu, Holding banquets, Meat menu, Vegetarian dishes
Hookah, Summer verandah, VIP-rooms

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