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Ascot - Common information

English style- it’s a moderate luxuriance, which is contiguous with refinement, sense of measure and taste. English traditions, undoubtedly, is not a subject for anyone’s discussion. English restaurant, the place where style and traditions are embodying: in interior, kitchen and atmosphere. And old England can be in cozy little restaurant, if this is “ASCOT”
And if an old England exists in Ascot, then Ascot is located in the center of Tashkent city. Assume restaurant, his interior creates delightful dark wood, good furniture, china, black and white stylish pictures of Foggy Albion. It is all pleasant and proposes a special English tone, behavior tone. Waiters are professionals and penetrate by a respect, English kitchen is very generous: remember famous stakes. Bar offers wide selection, there is an amber whisky and card of cocktails, few kinds of beer.
Ascot – is the restaurant for solitude. It is for people who likes style and prefers to talk in a quiet and cozy atmosphere. It is really great place for romantic dinner. Every evening you can hear saxophone and guitar’s beautiful sounds, and lovely couple can enjoy evening in VIP-cabin. An atmosphere of Ascot has good influence for your business meetings. Ascot has been created for important meetings, business dinners and business lunches.
For those ones who want to enjoy dinner on open air, we have an open terrace. Even there you can feel an English style, with the same Tashkent hospitality.
Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to Ascot, the Tashkent side restaurant, corresponding to the English traditions.

Mirabad d-t
(99871) 150-07-88, (99898) 312-07-88
Tashkent, ul. Chekhov, 40
from 11.00 till 24.00 daily

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