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Arbat - Common information

Do you want to feel full atmosphere of a luxury, comfort and outstanding
taste? “ARBAT” restaurant is always happy to its guests.
Cozy, stylish, elegant – restaurant “ARBAT” will pleasantly wonder not just with its exquisite menu, but also with perfect design. Spacious two-storey hall, decorated in best traditions of aristocracy, comfortable leather coaches, elegant serving, and soft illumination will make your rest calm and respectable. Famous Arbat lights and picturesque pictures with views of old Moscow will let you to plunge into atmosphere of great city.
Enjoy your dinner in private atmosphere in one of our VIP-rooms. The restaurants menu consists of the Russian and European cuisine, variety of light snacks, original salads and perfect tender desserts.
Cozy bar with a huge selection of elite drinks and good coffee card are ready for your service.
Your leisure will bright up our unforgettable show and live band.
During the hottest summer days, you can enjoy our summer yard. Try our fresh-made beer which has been made within our restaurant. You have great opportunity to be a fan of your favorite soccer team trough big screen.
Our stuff with great pleasure will take care in preparation of your special occasions, and will do everything to remain your impression about “ARBAT” unforgettable.
His majesty Taste, that is the main thing distinctive “ARBAT” restaurant.

Mizo-Ulugbek d-t
(99890)327-88-99, (99871)268-33-13
19 Street, Mirzo Ulugbek, Tashkent , Uzbekistan
Live instrumental
“Old Arbat” Cold Snacks, “Old Arbat” Soups, Desserts, “New Arbat” Cold Snacks, “New Arbat” Fish Courses, “New Arbat” Hot Snacks, “New Arbat” Meat Courses, “New Arbat” Salads, “New Arbat” Soups, “Old Arbat” Fish Courses, “Old Arbat” Hot Snacks, “Old Arbat” Meat Courses, “Old Arbat” Salads
Fountain, VIP-hall, VIP-rooms

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