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Grand Raddus - JSS - Common information

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen! We invite you to feel the harmony of highquality service and unique dishes in a cozy Restaurant and Bar of the Grand Raddus - JSS Hotel.
The Restaurant is located on the ground floor of the Hotel and has 28 seats. The interior is very comfortable both for business and romantic dinners. You can have banquets, birthdays and any other events in our Restaurant.
Our Summer Cafe and Swimming Pool are located in the patio of the Hotel in the open air. A lot of soft drinks and tipples, a great number of cocktails and virtuosity of our barmen will help you to spend an unique party with your friends and business partners.
The Bar is located on the ground floor indoor. The design of the Bar is performed in the style of home bar and creates a feeling of warmness and cosines.
We work twenty-four hours a day.

Restaurant - bar
Mirabad d-t
(99871) 120-77-48, 120-44-77
(99871) 120-77-48, 120-44-77
(99871) 120-77-78
11, 2 passage, Kichik Mirobod str., Tashkent
Embassy of Russian Federation
European cuisine, Russian cuisine, Uzbek cuisine
Asaka bank, National bank, Visa
Banquets, Birthday parties, Breakfasts and lunches, Business lunch, Capital guests, Corporate parties, Family rest, Gapping, Holding “gap”, Lunches, Meeting with friends, Osh, Presentation, Romantic appointments, Visitors of the capital, Wedding parties
Coldsnacks, Hotsnacks, Bread, Soups, Salads, Main course (Fish), Main course (Chicken), Main course (Lamb), Main course (Beef), Garnish, Soft cocktails, Burgers, Sandwiches, Sigarettes, Pork, Dessert, Bear, For bear
Fountain, VIP-hall, VIP-rooms

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