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CafeJUM (Chilonzor) - Common information

"Catering" company, acting under the brand CafeJUM is exclusive distributer of coffee-machines and coffee Saeco also Lucaffe coffee in Uzbekistan and Kirghizia. CafeJUM realizes deliveries warranty and postwarranty services, promotion of Saeco coffee-machines also supplies coffee and accessories of Saeco and Lucaffe companies..
CafeJUM project started in Uzbekistan by “Catering” company together with Jumanji restaurant proposes opening coffee-house chain system in Uzbekistan and Kirghizia. The first coffee-house was opened in October, 2006. The second – in March, 2007 in Tashkent.
This new form of activity joins cosiness, home atmosphere, unique smell of coffee and confectionary, also the sight of modern coffee-machines. To you attention there is a broad assortment of coffee in grains, cups made of thick-walled china, intricate facilities to making coffee by hand, special aromatic candles, coffee souvenirs and decorative elements for a house dressing.
Italian company “Saeco” specialize in compact espresso coffee machine production.
In 1985 “Saeco” patented the invention namely full automatic espresso coffee-machine. Since then it produces and improves the unique equipment buying them all over the world and having held leading position in the automatic coffee-machine sector. “Saeco” representations work all over the world including all the countries of Western Europe, North America, South America, Japan and etc.

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(99871) 276-93-22, 276-92-22
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